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Professional Recording Studio Builders for the Media World

Audio Schemes Limited are one of the UK’s leading Recording Studio Builders. We supply a wide range of audio related services to the Recording, Post Production, Broadcast, TV, Education, Live Sound and Home Theatre markets.

We know that soundproofing and good acoustics is essential and should be tailored to the purpose, environment and preference of the client.

Audio Schemes Ltd have more than 25 years in the soundproofing industry and can offer a personal, informative and a competitive service. 

Working mainly in Manchester and London but can provide our services throughout the whole of the UK.

We have worked with some big name clients like Sony, Warner Bros and CBBC.

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Why choose Audio Schemes for your Soundproofing projects!

  • Market Leaders in soundproofing solutions
  • Home studios built under permitted planning regulations
  • A WHICH? Trusted Trader Company
  • We adhere to strict time frames
  • We are the only studio builder ever invited by parliament to take part in their annual review

Latest Projects

Kord Media

Post Production Suite for Kord Media.

Burgess Barn

This is the mixing room which is part of a truly unique studio setting. There is a live studio situated in a larger barn so the recording experience is something you will remember for its surroundings not just how good it sounds.

Codemasters UK

This studio is a multi-use studio which requires line of sight into the booth  so the 65 inch monitor sits neatly behind the engineers desk and comes up when needed on an automated mechanical lift. It’s been a joy to work with Stephen Root and his team but all good things come to an end so it’s off to our next challenge.

Virgin Casinos

Audio Schemes had the pleasure of building a Broadcasr Studio for Virgin Casinos.


“Finally got a chance to fully test the recording studio. Cranked up music as loud as it would go (without blowing my amp). Metered around 105 dBA (average) with peaks approaching 120 dBA. Went to the neighbors and if you physically put your ear to the wall you could just about make out something, but aside from that you hear absolutely nothing! I tried to take measurements, but they’re pretty much pointless since I’m just measuring background noise. I’d say you’re getting around 80 – 90 dB reduction. As a result it’s needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled with the work you’ve done. High quality workmanship all around and beyond what I was expecting soundproofing wise.”

Adam Hill

Senior Audio Engineering Lecturer, Derby University

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