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Nick Langley, Director of Audio Schemes with Jeremy Vine, Presenter for BBC Radio 2.

For a small family run business such as Audio Schemes Ltd to be invited to contribute to the prestigious parliamentary review is the ultimate accolade.

There are 10 company’s invited to the review covering architecture, construction, and design. We are the only broadcast studio design and build company ever invited to represent our industry.

It goes to show that no matter how big or small a company if you continue to innovate and push the boundaries you will stand out and be recognised for your achievements.


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Projects we are especially proud of

An Unbeatable Client List

Our client list is filled with world famous names and says more about us than anything we could write down. We hope this gives you confidence to know that you’ve come to the right company.

Once we’re involved with your project you are assured of a guaranteed result. We are 100% accountable for the finished result, a rare thing in the world of soundproofing!

We ‎are very proud of our work and for this reason we are endorsed by WHICH?  Under their trusted traders scheme we are one of only a hand full of soundproofing company’s, and in fact are the ONLY recording studio design and build company on their list. This achievement is based on our knowledge, workmanship and excellent value for money.

If our reputation seems a bit intimidating and your thinking we must be out of your price bracket ‎then don’t be.We are a small family run business who just happen to be market leaders in our industry.

Come and say hello and book a FREE site visit to discuss your project big or small we are here to help.


garden studios

Audio Schemes were asked by the CBBC brief was to build a soundproof structure in under 8 days ready for the CBBC design team to install their unique amplifier frontage and to fit out the studio internally.

Wimbledon Tennis

Soundproofing London

An approved contractor to the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Wimbledon.

TAS UK are proud to have been chosen by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) to soundproof TV interview rooms, physio and medical rooms under centre court Wimbledon.



Is this one of the biggest flooring projects ever undertaken? A uniquely designed sound impact resistant floor covering 4300 square metres. To give it some scale, it is 60% of the surface area of Wembley Stadiums pitch. It incorporated over 70 ton of specialised soundproofing products.

Tamil media


Tamil Media are a community media company and we were commissioned to help them build their recording studio design for the brand new TV channel called ‘IBC Tamil’.

The build was constructed in just 12 weeks.

Case Study

We were brought in by Adam Hill to rectify a recording studio design and build project. The original company failed to deliver a studio fit for purpose!

This is what Adam had to say!

“Finally got a chance to fully test the recording studio. Cranked up music as loud as it would go (without blowing my amp). Metered around 105 dBA (average) with peaks approaching 120 dBA. Went to the neighbors and if you physically put your ear to the wall you could just about make out something, but aside from that you hear absolutely nothing! I tried to take measurements, but they’re pretty much pointless since I’m just measuring background noise. I’d say you’re getting around 80 – 90 dB reduction. As a result it’s needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled with the work you’ve done. High quality workmanship all around and beyond what I was expecting soundproofing wise.”

Adam Hill – Senior Audio Engineering Lecturer, Derby University



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