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“GoLocalise purchased a commercial unit in South London with the intention of turning it into an office and 2 studio’s. Nick from Audio Schemes Ltd was extremely helpful from the word go, prior to the purchase coming to asses the space and its potential. He estimated costs, budgeted and logistically arranged the studios to maximise working space, provide a comfortable yet stylish working environment.

From day one, he stayed within our strict budget constraints. The project could have not been carried out any better. Nick and his team suggested changes to the built to improve sound quality, isolation and design. They managed to completely transform a dark basement into a swanky airy space to fit 2 state-of-the-art control rooms and booths.

The booths comfortably seat 4 and 2 artists respectively, and the control rooms 4 and 6 people. The Audio Schemes Design team are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. They got the job done in a record turnaround time, and kept a smile until the last minute, instilling us with confidence that we had employed the right company.

I would certainly be more than happy to recommend them to anybody who wants to get anything soundproofed, be it a home studio, a state-of-the-art high end studio or a room for someone to play an instrument. I know they can do it all, they will meet your budget, and most certainly exceed your expectations. Nick ultimately is a very helpful, honest chap who I am sure you will get on really well with. The pictures speak for themselves – fantastic job Nick!”

David García-González – Managing Director

GoLocalise Ltd

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