Parliamentary Review 2018

For a small family run business such as Audio Schemes Ltd to be invited to contribute to the prestigious parliamentary review is the ultimate accolade.

There are 10 company’s invited to the review covering architecture, construction, and design. We are the only broadcast studio design and build company ever invited to represent our industry.

It goes to show that no matter how big or small a company if you continue to innovate and push the boundaries you will stand out and be recognised for your achievements.

Nick Langley, Director of Audio Schemes with Jeremy Vine, Presenter for BBC Radio 2.

We recommend Nick and his team 100%. We live in a big sturdy looking Victorian terrace but with paper thin walls and on one side we neighbour 8 students. For 5 months in our bedroom we had been enduring the noise of their parties, DJing, horrendous base music, computer games etc. We were sleep deprived and it was really affecting our health and well being. I contacted Nick and he came and did a site visit. We wanted help with the entire party wall but Nick helped us focus in on the key priority area. We were so fortunate that he and his fantastic team had time to fit us in before commencing on a much larger commercial job. It isn’t cheap but I would say it’s above and beyond value for money. Nick is very honest, a big talker with an even bigger heart, and he and his team helped us enormously. When you’re feeling so beaten down, it’s not just the actual work that is important – they built a secondary sound proofing and insulating wall on our master bedroom party wall – having a good rapport with the team and knowing we could trust them is equally important. Our new wall has made such a huge difference to our lives. The sound proofing has exceeded our expectations. 



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