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Ever dreamed of a home recording studio?

Audio schemes are a recognised and well established recording studio builder offering our unique skill set to the home studio market.

Every construction company you contact will say their happy to build your home studio but they are quick to point out there are no guarantees. Employing Audio schemes to undertake you home studio takes away the risk of either a studio leaking noise to the surrounding areas, or if it’s a critical listening space such as mixing the very real worry of external noise ruining your mix particularly rain fall on the roof which if you’re a professional voice – over artist doing an audio book or a producer on a deadline , it can be very frustrating(and costly)

If you’re looking for a garden studio then we have an ace up our sleeve no other can offer. We have a fully functioning demonstration studio designed to let the general public come and sample what a real studio looks and just as importantly sounds like.

Latest Project

Burgess Barn, Essex

The studio build over at Burgess barn music in rural essex is finally finished.This is the mixing room which is part of a truly unique studio setting. There is a live studio situated in a larger barn so the recording experience is something you will remember for its surroundings not just how good it sounds.

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